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Shorr Packaging Corporation

Dear Luis,

As Office Manager of Shorr Packaging Corp., I am very pleased with the janitorial service PF Ultra Cleaning Services, Inc. has been providing. The level of your personnel's performance has exceeded my expectations. We at Shorr Packaging are very impressed with the way you have made our facilities look as fresh as the day we moved in. I now receive comments daily on how clean the office is and how much attention is given by your staff. We anticipate our relationship will continue for a very long time and would welcome any calls from your prospective customers.


Jacqueline M. Onete

Office Manager


It has been my pleasure to know Mr. Luis Patino of PF Ultra Cleaning since 1992. Mr. Patino was a supervisor for our original cleaning contractor. In August of 1998 we retained Mr. Patino's company to clean our Midwest facility. In August of 1999 we renewed his contract for another year. Mr. Patino has always been extremely couteous, efficient, and thoughtful. Any problems that have cropped up, which have always been minor in nature, have been corrected quickly. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Patino's services to anyone.


Gary M. Dembek

JVC Company of America

Jones Intercable

We started using PF Ultra Cleaning Services in November 1997 and have been extremely satisfied with the service. We have 3 locations in the area, and have gone through two different cleaning companies within a years time. Luis and his staff have really made me appreciate what having a good, professional cleaning company can be like.


Chris Haas


Hyundai Motor America

Dear Luis,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much evryone at Hyundai Motor America appreciates the work that you and your cleaning crew do for us every day. I don't know of many companies who can boast about their cleaning company doing such a spectacular job, but that is what the employees at Hyundai Motor America do. This is especially appreciated by myself because I'm the one everyone comes to if there is a complaint. And, I honestly say, that I have not had one complaint since your company started cleaning our building in July of 1998. Now, THAT'S something to boast about. Luis, I just wanted to say thank you and please never hesitate to use me as a reference. I will be glad to let people know what a great job you and your crew do for us.

Thanks again!


Carolynn Nagel

Office Supervisor Central Region

Alcan Aluminum Corporation

It has been a pleasure having PF Ultra Cleaning Service at Alcan Aluminum. Luis is extremely efficient, reliable and pays attention to detail. We appreciate Luis's responsiveness to our request for additional services. Mr. Patino and his crew go the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied. Our facility has never been as well maintained as under Luis's management.


Carol Haag - Facility Manager

Ed Gillest - Director

Lloyd Wilson - Senior Engineer

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