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What We Do

PF ULTRA Cleaning Service strives to meet the universal needs of your business.

Improved Health & Wellness

Utilizing highly effective sanitizing practices, avoid spread of germs though cleaning practices, and utilizing specific cleaning process based on the various building environments.

 Improved Image

When your visitors, patrons, clients and employees SEE a clean and well-maintained building environment, they will feel confident in your business and walk away with a lasting positive impression.

 Improved Financial Performance

Better use of available budget by avoiding liabilities & compensation of a full-time staff; while providing a full-time quality service in the time frame required by your facility. Proactive advice and solutions “before it happens”.

 Improved Labor Productivity

100% of the service is in our hands and not yours. No need to manage a cleaning service staff.

 Environmental Stewardship

Moving towards use of as many “green” cleaning products as they become available in the market, PF ULTRA strives to keep with the needs, not the trends.

PF Ultra Cleaning Service, Inc.
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